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Vegan Diet

Vega contains a lot of vegan receipts for all kinds of meals. As the receipts require different ingredients, we can't provide a list of side effects you can have from eating the meals cooked by those receipts; it would be farer to speak of the effects vegan diet can have on your body in general. So, those who decide to go vegan should be aware of the lack of vitamin B12 needed for the normal functioning of our body and brain, vitamin D crucial for bone strength, and some other vitamins, the shortage of which can lead to weak and fatigue tissues, anemia, shortening of breath, poor concentration, short memory, headaches, etc. Another problem common with vegans is the lack of protein, calcium, and iron. It is strongly recommended that you learn about the alternative sources of all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for normal functioning before you go vegan; otherwise, the consequences of vegan diet can be quite bad. It is important to note, that people with certain diseases and health conditions can suffer a lot from being deprived of animal products, so, a doctor's consultation is also needed.

This culinary book contains a lot of vegan receipts for all sorts of meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks; it receives mixed reviews from customers - some are very fond of the receipts it contains, while others use just a few. However, most people agree that the receipts given there are quite complicated and time-consuming, which is not really suitable for beginners and people who combine vegan diet with busy lifestyle. If you belong to these categories, it would be better to opt for simpler and quicker receipts. As for vegan lifestyle itself, it does help to improve the overall health in many cases, but at the same time it is difficult to stick to, and requires a lot of knowledge: you will need to learn about the properties of non-animal foods, the rules regarding substitution of common animal products with alternative choices, and the effect a vegan diet can have on your body. Many vegans take supplements to provide their bodies with the vitamins and nutrients non-vega people typically get with food.

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