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Extra Small Size

I am not really fat or even plump, but I'm shaped more like a man, with no curves at all, so I don't look nice in my office clothes. I wanted to make my waist look slimmer so I bought this vest. It felt too tight at first, but then I got used to it, and now I can wear it during my working day without feeling uncomfortable. My body shape has changed, too. At first it maintained the hourglass shape the vest gave it for about an hour after the vest removal, but then I noticed that the shaped began to remain linger, and now I see that my waist has gotten thinner, giving me some nice feminine curves.

I have gotten quite plump after having given birth to my four children, and my body stores fat around my waist rather than on hips and limbs, so I looked stocky and lumpy. However, the sqeem vest has fixed this issue: it has given me the nice waist shape I had always wanted, and compressed my fat. No, I am not rail-thin now, but I'm curvy and shapely, and this is a good result, I think. My husband likes my "new" body a lot, too.

I like this vest because it really shapes your waist rather than simply making you look better in clothes. It is also very comfortable and relieves back pain (I used to suffer from this, too, maybe because of my sedentary lifestyle). I have a thinner waist now, and the girdle provides a good back support, too. Also, be sure to wear this when you go clothes shopping in order to choose the right clothes: the things that will sit well on you when you're wearing the girdle, but not too tight (the boning is seen through too tight tops).

I have bought it and I regret because it is terribly uncomfortable. It seems to squeeze the body too tightly, rolls up whenever you sit, and the straps dig into the body and leave welts. I wanted to return it, but they say there is no such option. I'm very disappointed with this purchase.

Their sizing is too inaccurate, I ordered the extra small size, but they gave me a bigger girdle, so it was useless. The quality of the girdle was high: the item was sturdy, the hook=eye closures were firm. However, there were marks on the girdle, so I assume it was used. Also, I can't return it, as they told me.

The girdle I received was flimsy and infirm, with breakable eye-and-hook closures that didn't fitt into the sockets. However, I decided to give it a try, and was even more disappointed about the quality of the product: the boning literally broke! I was angry; I called the company and asked for a refund, and they offered sending me another model. The new girdle was much firmer and of better quality, but the size was wrong, and thus, it couldn't do what it was supposed to. I am absolutely nuts now, but I don't even want to deal with that company any more,.

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